Why Stephanie Zito, Traveler, Blogger and Humanitarian Supports WITNESS

For our year-end post, we asked a supporter to share a personal story about why she cares about the organization and our partners. You can show your support for WITNESS by visiting our website to make a year-end donation. Thanks to Stephanie Zito for her support and to all of you who support us throughout the year.

١٠ نصائح لتصوير المظاهرات والإعتقالات والإشتباكات

هذه المدونة هي الأولى في سلسلة من المدونات في اللغة العربية تهدف إلى تبادل ما لدينا من المواد التدريبية مع الجمهور المتحدث باللغة العربية (انظر إلى المدونة الأساسية في أهم ١٠ نصائح في التصوير و الذي كتبه زميلي كريس مايكل).ل

Thank You for Your Support of WITNESS in 2011

It’s been an incredible year for human rights and video. Thanks for all of your support of WITNESS and our partners in 2011:

TRUST: Alaska Youth Call on Our Governments to Restore our Atmosphere

With the international climate talks wrapped in Durban, South Africa the reviews are mixed. World leaders touted their success in reaching the Durban Platform, but observers outside the negotiations are much more skeptical.

Livestreaming From Your Mobile Phone: An Interview with Bambuser

As part of our focus on tools and tactics for #video4change activists, we’re paying close attention to the emergence of livestreaming. One of the most popular tools to livestream from your mobile phone is Bambuser.

New Video the Government of Rio de Janeiro Doesn’t Want You to See

Roughly 170,000 people are either at risk, or have already been subjected to, forced evictions throughout the 12 Brazilian cities gearing up to host the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games.

New Twitter Settings Activists Need To Be Aware Of

Recently, I logged into my Twitter.com account. Twitter users know, this is not a frequent occurrence because most of us use third-party applications like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck or any of the mobile apps. But it is a necessity, especially as an activist, in order to help keep the information on your account safe and secure.

Occupy Wall Street Livestream Curator Shares Experience and Tips

At a desk densely populated by monitors in downtown Manhattan, I met Josh: Occupier, trendsetter, livestream aficionado. Josh was laid off on September 16th, the day before Occupiers arrived at Zuccotti Park.

16 Days: Personal Stories and Video Used In Global Campaign To End Gender-Based Violence

Over the past few weeks, we’ve featured several guest posts during the international 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence to highlight the use of video and technology by activists and organizations around the globe in the fight against gender-based violence.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Video Is Usable in the Long Term

n the past year, we have witnessed an unprecedented amount of media created by activists, citizen journalists, oral historians, and others who are documenting contemporary protest movements worldwide. As the volume of material continues to grow, questions about how to find, identify, verify, organize, and maintain this media for use as evidence and as historical documentation have become more pressing than ever.

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