The ‘Yes Men’ Talk Video, Activism, and Climate Change

As they release their third feature film, The Yes Men Are Revolting, we talk with the devious duo about how they use film for activism and their current focus on climate change.

Siete Meses Después – ¿Qué Papel Tuvo el Video en el Movimiento de Ayotzinapa?

Hablamos con la Agencia Subversiones sobre el uso de video durante el movimiento de protesta que siguió a la desaparición de 43 estudiantes mexicanos el otoño pasado.

Seven Months Later – What Role Did Video Play in Ayotzinapa?

We speak with Agencia Subversiones about the use of video during the protest movement that followed the disappearance of 43 Mexican students from the Ayotiznapa teacher’s college last fall.

The International Criminal Court’s Quest for Scientific Evidence

By focusing on collecting scientific evidence, including better video evidence, the ICC hopes to build stronger cases.

Ella Baker Center Continues the Fight for “Books Not Bars”

WITNESS caught up with our friends at the Ella Baker Center for an update on the 2001 campaign “Books Not Bars”, a youth-led movement that targeted the juvenile prison system in the California and pushed to end to the prison industrial complex in the U.S.

Videos Capture Dissident Voices in Cuba

If talks between Cuban diplomats and their U.S. counterparts were expected to improve the repressive environment many Cuban dissidents face, video testimony from Cuba tells a very different story.

This Neighborhood in Colombia Says “No” to Evictions

Residents of the La Cascada neighborhood are currently resisting evictions and demanding government intervention to address the issue of deteriorating housing in a holistic way.

El barrio de la Cascada dice no a los desalojos

La Cascada es un barrios donde actualmente los habitantes se encuentran resistiendo a los desalojos y exigiendo la intervención del gobierno para solucionar de forma integral el problema de deterioro de las viviendas.

Public Space and Video Projections: A Conversation with The Illuminator Art Collective

The Illuminator Art Collective shares how video projection can be used as part of protests and civic movements as well as practical tips and lessons-learned on how to set up and a run video projection set-up.

WITNESS Joins Call for the Creation of UN Special Rapporteur on Privacy

WITNESS joins a growing coalition of privacy, human rights, and civil liberties organizations who are uniting to call for the United Nations Human Rights Commission to add a Special Rapporteur on Privacy.

Mujeres usando el video para revertir violencia de género en América Latina

En estos días que se celebra el día internacional de la mujer, vale la pena resaltar las historias de personas comprometidas con la equidad de género que han utilizado el video de distintas maneras para lograr un cambio social.

Women Counter Gender-Based Violence with Video in Latin America

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we highlight the stories of those using video in creative ways to combat gender-based violence in Latin America.

Yemeni Blogger Reflects on Experience at Video for Change Workshop

Rooj Alwazir, a participant at WITNESS’ recent video for change convening in Istanbul, shares experiences from the gathering of 20 filmmakers, educators and human rights defenders.