Human Rights Video Weekly: Chemical Attack in Syria, Algerian Elections, Saudi Online Activists Arrested

Venezuelan developers respond to verification issues with a camera app while Syria suffers another chemical weapon attack. Next week’s elections cause Algerian media suppression, and Saudi online activists threatened with arrest.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Remembering Father Frans, Ukraine Clashes, Ethnic Violence in Myanmar

Dutch priest Father Frans is murdered in Homs, Syria on Monday, dynamics change in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, and ethnic violence escalates in Myanmar, affecting international aid workers.

As World Cup Stadiums Go Up, Brazilians’ Homes Are Torn Down

Video from human rights groups and activists is shifting the attention to forced evictions carried out in the lead up to the World Cup.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico

From the Papua New Guinean police force, to the heart of Mexico’s cartel territory, to the occupied favelas of Rio de Janeiro, we share recent citizen videos from these locations and more.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Colombia, Egypt, and Syria

This week we bring you video from five continents on issues ranging from police brutality to refugee issues and economic rights.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Crackdown on Journalists in South Sudan, Activist Arrested in Sri Lanka

As refugees escape from South Sudan and Central African Republic, they crowd into neighboring countries, causing shortages. Since media outlets often cannot reach these conflict zones, we rely on citizen video to see what is happening.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Drones Strikes in Yemen, Slavery in India

Rare video from Yemen where a drone attack killed members of a wedding party in December; a community correspondent in India helps free men and women from slave labor.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Venezuela & The Verification Challenge

Just as citizen reporting and social media can illuminate human rights abuse, they can also facilitate the spread of misinformation, as we’re seeing in videos circulated from Venezuela’s protests recently.

Video Exposes Police Abuse in Venezuela (Or is it Mexico? Or Colombia?)

One video’s journey across Latin American protest movements underscores the challenge of monitoring activism online.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Video Testimonies from North Korea, Bloggers Arrested in Vietnam

Citizen footage quickly became one weapon in the political crossfire in Venezuela. In addition to the protests in Venezuela, we’ve got our eyes on Kiev, Sudan, Vietnam, and much more.

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