DVD de Ferramentas: Fortalecendo a Resistência contra Remoções Forçadas

Um DVD de Ferramentas especialmente para líderes comunitários, militantes de movimentos sociais e ativistas lutando pelo direito à moradia e resistindo aos despejos forçadas.

As World Cup Stadiums Go Up, Brazilians’ Homes Are Torn Down

Video from human rights groups and activists is shifting the attention to forced evictions carried out in the lead up to the World Cup.

Defendiendo el Derecho a la Vivienda y a la Tierra

Una nueva caja de herramientas publican por WITNESS y Amnistía Internacional

Worst Corporation in the World: Vote for FIFA!

Brazilian human rights activists, fighting massive forced evictions and redevelopment for the 2014 World Cup, nominate FIFA for the worst corporation in the world award. Read, share and vote.

CineMaralita Uses Film to Illuminate Issues Facing Urban Poor in the Philippines

CineMaralita, a film festival in the Philippines supported by the Urban Poor Resource Center (UPRCP), has recently used the videos included in our forced eviction toolkit as vehicles to spark conversation around land and housing rights issues.

WITNESS and Amnesty International Release a New Toolkit for Housing & Land Rights Activists

With 15 million people at risk of forced evictions annually around the world, we have released a multimedia resource kit for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions.

Don’t Miss This Video: FIFA Never Thought it’d have to Go on a PR Tour to Sell Football… in Brazil

FIFA must do more than send PR representatives to Brazil for damage control ahead of the 2014 World Cup. They must show they are serious about stopping forced evictions.

Part 2: How 114 Videos Tell One Story about Forced Evictions in Rio

We share findings of our curation project, bringing over 100 videos together to tell the story of forced evictions in Rio de Janiero.

Can 114 Videos Tell One Story about Forced Evictions in Rio?

A video curation project brings together over 100 powerful videos to show how forced evictions unfolded across Rio de Janeiro.

Evict Them! In 5 Easy Steps

A new animated video aims to make the human rights issues inherent in forced evictions more accessible.

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