An Interview with Yemeni Blogger and Women’s Rights Advocate Noon Arabia

An interview covering how she got started as a blogger, the issues that are most important to her, and a new crop Yemeni women bloggers.

Media Advisory: Peter Gabriel and Isha Sesay Host 2013 Focus For Change Benefit for WITNESS

WITNESS’ annual benefit takes place Thursday December 5, 2013. Interested members of the press need to RSVP to cover the event. Details in the advisory.

A Zimbabwean Election Observer’s First Hand Account of the 2013 Vote

An election observer witnesses a mostly peaceful process, but one rife with irregularities and frustrations for voters

A Big Year For WITNESS

A changing world needs a changed vision: committing to support the millions who can transform the human rights landscape with video.

Oral History as Storytelling: Sharing the Fabric of American Life

WITNESS and StoryCorps both recognize the value of personal stories in tackling larger issues. People are at the heart of each organization, anchoring the abstract in the human experience.

Ideas, Buzz Words and Connections at the Social Innovation Summit 2012

What do the President of JP Morgan Chase Foundation, Lady Gaga’s mother, a young woman computer programming whiz, the former Hollywood director of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the Chairman of World Economic Forum and a former NFL player have in common? They all spoke, along with many more, at the Social Innovation Summit of 2012, held at the United Nations last week.

20 Years of Witnessing

It is hard to believe it has been 20 years since WITNESS was born in the aftermath of the Rodney King incident. Since then, WITNESS made it its mission to enable people to use video as a powerful tool in human rights advocacy and we are proud to have trained over 3,000 human rights activists and collaborated with over 300 groups in more than 80 countries.

Mother’s Day Reflections on Human Rights from WITNESS Moms

The second Sunday in May is celebrated as Mother’s Day here in the United States (and in other countries). With that in mind, I asked my colleagues who are also mothers at WITNESS if they’d be willing to share some thoughts on what human rights issues hit closest to home for them.

Amy Robbins: Join Me In Supporting WITNESS For the Next 20 Years

As WITNESS celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, I wanted to write a brief note to describe why I support this outstanding, and vital organization. I know many of you reading this share my view because you, too, strongly support WITNESS’s efforts.

Why Global Organizations Are Joining the SOPA Blackout Strike

At Global Voices, we understand that we, collectively, are the Internet. Our individual participation is what makes the Internet a global conversation of startling depth and variety, but this is possible only because of its open technical and legal structure.

Why Stephanie Zito, Traveler, Blogger and Humanitarian Supports WITNESS

For our year-end post, we asked a supporter to share a personal story about why she cares about the organization and our partners. You can show your support for WITNESS by visiting our website to make a year-end donation. Thanks to Stephanie Zito for her support and to all of you who support us throughout the year.

Thank You for Your Support of WITNESS in 2011

It’s been an incredible year for human rights and video. Thanks for all of your support of WITNESS and our partners in 2011:

Choosing Timing, Outreach and Platforms for Successful Online Fundraising

Thanks to incredible response from our supporters, WITNESS’ spring fundraising challenge has reached and exceeded our goal! To date, Project: FOCUS has raised $73,948 (that’s 106% of the $70,000 goal) and checks are still coming in.

Can You Raise Money and Awareness at the Same Time?

While nonprofits certainly need support in ways other than monetary contributions, we cannot accomplish our goals if we don’t have the funding. We love our spring fundraising campaigns because they provide an opportunity for WITNESS supporters of all levels to contribute based on their capacity and have their support multiplied.

How To Run a Successful Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

Last week we launched WITNESS’ annual “Spring Challenge,” a primarily online-based, peer-to-peer fundraising initiative. This is our fourth campaign and every year our approach has shifted with the ever-changing philanthropic environment (and the ever-expanding digital world).