#Instagood Tips for Nonprofits

#Instagood tips for nonprofits will help you start and manage an instagram account to be part of your organization’s online storytelling goals.

Unlock Iran Invites You To Experience Life as an Iranian Political Prisoner

Unlock Iran is a new innovative visual storytelling platform featuring the stories of Iranian “prisoners of rights,” or individuals who are detained for political, religious or other personal beliefs deemed a threat by the Iranian government.

Activistas de DDHH Saharauis Reciben Entrenamiento de WITNESS en el Festival de Cine FiSahara

Más de una docena de activistas de derechos humanos y audiovisuales están participando en un taller de videoactivismo ofrecido por especialistas de WITNESS.

The Growing Role of Image Verification in Venezuela’s Protests

A new mobile app addresses the challenge of verifying citizen footage. Plus, a politician brings citizen video of abuse to the Organization of American States.

The Ethics of Syrian War & the Techniques of Video Advocacy

In a controversial media campaign that aims to teach the Geneva Code to Syrian rebel fighters, the most overlooked aspect might be the emotions.

Telling the Story at the Heart of the News

The beating heart of every news event is a story about people. Community video helps those affected to bring the issue to life. The result is accurate, authentic, and powerful—and here’s how to do it.

Not a Story About Him, but His Story

Filmmakers Madeleine Bair and Betty Bastidas did not want to produce another film about an at-risk teen. The only way to capture his life struggles was to involve the subject in the storytelling.

One Million Men. One Million Promises. One Million Videos.

Men are joining the movement against violence against women like never before. The One Million Men. One Million Promises campaign is unifying their voices, and using video to amplify them.

The Journey from ‘My Voice’ to ‘Our Voices’

I went to South Africa to teach filmmaking to youth, but what I really wanted was to foster critical consciousness—the ability to question authority and turn a lens on society, literally and figuratively. I soon realized that these youth were more than willing to question—and they started with me.

Marshaling Social Media to Tell Stories of Death Row Innocence

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not anymore, says One for Ten producer Laura Shacham. She’s hitting the social media superhighway to bring hundreds of voices to the stories of death row exonerees.

Dear Mandela: Putting a Documentary to Work

Impact does not happen in a straight line: you make the film, show it, and things change. We spent four years shooting Dear Mandela, but it wasn’t until we finished that we fully understood where our audience would be.

Using a Film to Nail a Dictator

Efrain Ríos Montt is going to trial. The brutal Guatemalan dictator is the first head of state to be prosecuted for genocide in genuine proceedings in his own country. And my video evidence helped send him there.

By Guest Blogger Pamela Yates

Workers’ Rights = Human Rights: Documenting the American Workforce

The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) prioritizes members’ voices when creating original videos that are geared toward advocacy, member engagement and communication, and awareness among potential members. Are these lessons applicable to advocacy in other areas of human rights?

Voices of Dignity: A Story of Struggle for Women’s and Victims’ Rights

Yoladis Zúñiga and Petronila Mendoza survived an attack of right-wing paramilitaries on their villages, in which women and girls were raped, homes burned and a number of people killed, including their husbands.

Open Heart: A Short Film About the Importance of Access to Health Care

By watching the journey of these brave children and their families, viewers come to understand more deeply the necessity of accessible health care and the importance of second chances. We are honored that Open Heart has been shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination in the Short Documentary category.

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