Real-time Reports of Sri Lanka’s Sectarian Violence

Recently, the city of Aluthgama in Sri Lanka erupted in the worst sectarian violence the country has seen in years. We review the videos and other citizen reports that provided critical documentation of the story.

Music Monday – Freedom Is Not Free Edition

This week’s song list celebrates freedom. The artists in their songs on this list speak to independence, censorship, and wanting to be free.

World Cup Futebol and Freedom of Expression in Brazil: An Update

Videos curated by the Human Rights Channel highlight the reality of discontent surrounding the World Cup, and the ongoing threats to civil and economic rights during the large-scale sporting event.

Hunger Games Meme + Call for Social Justice = Empowerment?

Thai protesters use the “Hunger Games” three finger gesture to show their silent opposition to the recent military coup. Can this tactic help your campaign?

Cambodian Migrants Leave Thailand in Droves

More than 250,000 Cambodian migrant workers have fled Thailand–but why did they choose to cross borders in the first place?

Human Rights Video Weekly: Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya and Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of Cambodian migrants flee Thailand, victims of Columbia’s ongoing conflict share their stories and Kenyan activists are jailed for speaking out.

Music Monday – LGBT Pride Edition

Happy LGBT Pride! This week’s Music Monday playlist combines some new, some old, and well known artists to help bring ‘pride’ to your work day music listening.

Syrian and Venezuelan Activists Exchange Field Notes

Activists filming on the ground in Venezuela and Syria share experiences and exchange field notes on how to use video as effective documentation.

Stopping Bulldozers: Fighting Forced Evictions with Video

From citizen journalists in India to audiovisual artists in Colombia, people are using WITNESS resources to strengthen their grassroots work in the fight against forced evictions and to empower more to get involved.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Kenya and Sri Lanka

This week, in addition to videos documenting crack downs on the World Cup protests, we bring you footage from local media reports on violence in Kenya and Sri Lanka. Finally, we bring you an update on the rising tensions between Israel and Palestine instigated by a massive search for three missing seminary students.

Music Monday – #SOSVenezuela Edition

This week we are featuring #SOSVenezuela Concerts – a collective of classical and jazz musicians hosting concerts to raise awareness about human rights abuses in Venezuela.

To Protect or Punish: New Anti-Terrorism Law Proposed in Brazil Could Curb Right To Protest

A proposed anti-terrorism law in Brazil could criminalize the actions of social movements and public protests.

What We’re Reading: World Cup 2014 Editon

The country may love the beautiful game but hosting the World Cup has activists protesting human rights abuse and inequalities in Brazil.