An Open Source Approach to Translation

The fact that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute is astonishing. And the immense amounts of footage shot and uploaded by citizens in places like Syria, Egypt and Chile reminds us that video is increasingly being used to expose human rights abuses. As more activists turn towards video for advocacy and evidentiary purposes, there is a critical need for accessible training resources that teach how to create and share videos safely, effectively and ethically.

هل تقوم بتصوير انتهاكات حقوق الإنسان في مجتمعك؟ إذا كانت إجابتك بنعم، استمر في القراءة

This blog post serves as a living space for all of our Arabic language ‘How-To’ resources and guides. The resources below provide guidance on how film safely and effectively, and how to film for evidence and the media.

Universal Subtitles Video Editing Workflow: Working With the Subtitle Track

Universal Subtitles is an online subtitling/captioning tool for web videos. My colleague Bryan Nunez commented on the potential uses of the service in this post.

Reflecting in the moment on Egypt and ‘video for change’

From the moment WITNESS was founded our vision has been to tap into the power of the video camera in the hands of everyone who wants to expose injustice and create positive change, from human rights defenders to committed citizens.