All Eyes on Kenya–and Cameras, too.

As polling stations close their doors today after huge voter turnout in, everyone is wondering: will this election remain peaceful, or will it follow in the path of the turbulent 2007 election? Kenyan citizen journalists, trained by WITNESS, weigh in.

Can Cell Phones Save Kenya’s Elections?

Across the country, pockets of Kenyans are determined to use video to protect their democracy during the March 4th elections. Bukeni Waruzi just returned from training these activists and citizen journalists, and here’s what he taught.

Txt Power tells public to take pics of election fraud in the Philippines

CAPITALIZING on the popularity of camera-equip cellphones, a consumer watchdog group on Monday appealed to the populace to lend their hand in ensuring a credible and honest election this May by taking photographs of any violation of election laws using their phones.
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In a country where political sms messages are a norm and are able to rally hundreds of thousands to the streets of Manila in an uprising against President Joseph Estrada in 2001. It will be interesting to see what ‘evidence’ comes to light.