Human Rights Video Weekly: A Plea for Food Aid in Syria, Violent Protests in Ukraine and Thailand

Videos from the ground lend urgency to the Syrian peace talks. Leaked footage from Ukraine reveals abuse of detained activists, and protests turn violent in Thailand and Cambodia.

In Honduras, Murder on the Eve of Presidential Elections

As violence and intimidation surrounded the Honduran elections, two activists from the leftist LIBRE party were killed.

A Zimbabwean Election Observer’s First Hand Account of the 2013 Vote

An election observer witnesses a mostly peaceful process, but one rife with irregularities and frustrations for voters

Video Tips for Activists and Citizens Documenting Zimbabwe’s Election

Videos circulating ahead of Zimbabwe’s election on Wed depict a concern among civil society that Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party will obstruct the process of free and fair elections. We share a tips for documenting elections safely and effectively for activists and citizen journalists.

This Week in Human Rights Video: Rare Citizen Video from South Sudan

Also featured: violence against human rights workers in the Occupied Territories, an anti-gay protest in Haiti, and the return of self-exiled opposition leader in Cambodia.

This Week in Human Rights Video: Police Torture in Bahrain and Why Brazilians are Protesting

This month’s Citizen Watch also includes: violence in Guinea, a raid on a prominent human rights organization in Russia, and disturbing reports of chemical weapons used in Syria.

In Focus: Iran’s 2013 Presidential Election

Despite technical challenges and government surveillance, Iranians are determined to share with the world videos expressing dissent and frustration during the presidential election cycle.

Togolese Use Video to Reflect & Shape Elections

TogoVisions, a West African citizen video organization, has mobilized to document contentious elections, pushing them into the worldwide news cycle.

All Eyes on Kenya–and Cameras, too.

As polling stations close their doors today after huge voter turnout in, everyone is wondering: will this election remain peaceful, or will it follow in the path of the turbulent 2007 election? Kenyan citizen journalists, trained by WITNESS, weigh in.

Can Cell Phones Save Kenya’s Elections?

Across the country, pockets of Kenyans are determined to use video to protect their democracy during the March 4th elections. Bukeni Waruzi just returned from training these activists and citizen journalists, and here’s what he taught.

A Small Step for Democracy in Burma but More Attention Needed For Ethnic Minorities

Burma held parliamentary by-elections for a portion of the entire parliament body yesterday. By most accounts, the polling went relatively smoothly with some incidents of irregularities being reported.

Videos Critique (Un)Democratic Election and Educate Voters in Yemen

Earlier this month, I spent some time in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a. Last year I spent four months covering the pro-democracy movement that has forced the three decade old despot, Ali Abdullah Saleh, to hand over power to his deputy and current vice president, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

Elections in Egypt and the DRC: Hope for A Better Future

Today is very special to the African continent with two major election days taking place in Egypt and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). In these two big African countries, WITNESS has two very active campaigns.