Watching, Documenting, or Participating: A Documentarian’s Ethical Dilemmas

When is it okay to watch? When is it okay to shout with the crowd? Filmmaker Chris Kelly explains his bright line between observing and participating. Do you agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Behind-the-Scenes of Our 20th Anniversary Video

The challenge: Make a video that encapsulates WITNESS and its work empowering human rights defenders to use video since 1992, set against a backdrop of global events from the last 20 years.

How To Film Protests: Video Tip Series for Activists at Occupy Wall Street, in Syria and Beyond

The thousands of human rights-related videos being created and shared – from raw documentation of human rights violations in Syria to the Occupy protests and the range of police abuse and misconduct therein – illuminate the role that citizen video is playing to not only inform us but also to motivate us to take action.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Video Is Usable in the Long Term

n the past year, we have witnessed an unprecedented amount of media created by activists, citizen journalists, oral historians, and others who are documenting contemporary protest movements worldwide. As the volume of material continues to grow, questions about how to find, identify, verify, organize, and maintain this media for use as evidence and as historical documentation have become more pressing than ever.

Human Rights Day Series: Resources for #Video4Change Activists

This Saturday marks Human Rights Day, a day to pause and celebrate the rights we all share in common (even though they are not always respected or upheld). It also marks an opportunity for us to reach people who perhaps don’t think about human rights daily- as the mainstream media usually gives a few minutes of coverage to the topic.

Educator, Filmmaker, and Activist Nuala Cabral Takes On Street Harrassment

A few weeks ago I was fortunate to sit in a dark room with the inspirational and multifaceted collection of voices that make up the Media that Matters Film Festival. Showcasing its 11th premiere this year, Arts Engine’s annual screening curates diverse independent films and shorts which jump start thought, conversation, and action – a celebration of video for change in its many shapes and sizes.

Top 10 Tips for Filming #Occupy Protests, Arrests & Police Conduct

We have seen some great videos coming out from the Occupy movement around the country – from documenting mass actions to capturing police misconduct and abuse. Many courageous filmmakers, first timers and experienced professionals, are using best practices to record what is happening, and it is paying off. See this most recent example of video being used to help hold a Dallas officer accountable for shoving a protester off a ledge:

What Do You Want to Learn from Video Activists in the Middle East and North Africa?

For most of us, the epicenter of video for change work that we’ve seen throughout 2011 has been in the Middle East and North African region (MENA). The Arab Spring has illuminated the reality of what “Cameras Everywhere” looks like, and what the power of instant video capturing and sharing can yield to inform and mobilize for truly incredible social change.

NudgeCam: A Video Coach in Your Phone

I love making martians on my iPhone. I have a great, free app and since I’m heading to wedding number six of the summer this weekend, I can testify that it is a great hit with both kids and grandparents.

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