Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study from Aleppo – Part 2, Creating a Panoramic Image

In part two of our three-part series, we cover how to create a panoramic image from video stills to reveal signifiers unique to the site and event depicted in the video.

Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study of Destruction from Aleppo

The first in a three-part series investigates how to identify a citizen video for verification. The case study uses a citizen video example taken in Aleppo, Syria.

WITNESS and Amnesty International Release a New Toolkit for Housing & Land Rights Activists

With 15 million people at risk of forced evictions annually around the world, we have released a multimedia resource kit for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions.

L6g49CARAAhP660rO9DCn4W3L: Email and Chat Encryption Basics for Activists

Activists everywhere face the violations of their right to privacy especially in their online communications. We share basics of encryption that may help keep you, your networks and your communications safer.

New How-To Guide For Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

Tips for human rights activists, citizen journalists and others seeking to film interviews with survivors in a safe and ethical manner.

Being Social on Social Media

Two interns with WITNESS’ social media team learned not only how to effectively share information with our followers, but how to create a strategy for engagement.

Abuse by Viral Video: Break the Cycle with Identity Protecting Tools

A viral video from Russia makes inadvertent accomplices of viewers and LGBT activists. How can the online community expose abuse while avoiding further harm?

Video Tips for Activists and Citizens Documenting Zimbabwe’s Election

Videos circulating ahead of Zimbabwe’s election on Wed depict a concern among civil society that Mugabe’s ZANU-PF party will obstruct the process of free and fair elections. We share a tips for documenting elections safely and effectively for activists and citizen journalists.

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