What Activists Need to Know About Video Archiving and Preservation

Advocacy campaigns can take time to achieve results, so it’s important that your videos remain available after they are filmed. A new video series from WITNESS shares tips with activists about video archiving and preservation.

World Cup Final Four Not the End for Human Rights Defenders

As the World Cup comes to a close, a new campaign highlights the courageous and critical work of Human Rights Defenders from the nations represented at the tournament.

Syrian and Venezuelan Activists Exchange Field Notes

Activists filming on the ground in Venezuela and Syria share experiences and exchange field notes on how to use video as effective documentation.

20 Powerful Moments in Human Rights Video

Every year on December 10th, human rights organizations mark International Human Rights Day. To highlight our 20th anniversary and Human Rights Day, we’re sharing 20 significant human rights video moments. Compiled by the entire WITNESS team and presented in chronological order, the list reflects instances where video (or film) made a difference: as evidence in a court or tribunal, galvanized mass mobilization or outrage, marked a turning point, a new use of technology for human rights, and more.

World Habitat Day Is About People: Their Struggles, Their Strategies

As I shared in an earlier post, Global Networks Unite on Forced Evictions, WITNESS, our partner the Habitat International Coalition and 6 other networks working on housing and land rights have organized World Habitat Days – six weeks (16 September – 31 October) to bring attention and activism to forced evictions, land grabbing and activists at risk.

Thoughts on archives “fitting in”, and processing the Rainlake donation.

I have had the pleasure of interning in the WITNESS Media Archive for the past semester. I chose this internship because I hoped to put my Masters in Human Rights Studies and my Masters in Library Science to work in the video archive.