Human Rights Video from Brazil, Ukraine, Israel and Palestine

From the Human Rights Channel this week: a Brazilian activist seeks political asylum; the difficulty of verifying citizen video from the Israel/Palestine conflict; how social media is being used in the investigation of flight MH17’s downing.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Police Operations in Brazil, Detention of Refugees in Kenya, Protests in Western Sahara

This week we bring you the first in a series of dispatches from Brazil, as well as footage from Kenya and Western Sahara, and the latest from the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

Because of You, WITNESS’ YouTube Channels Are Nominated for Webby Awards

Thank you for your efforts to document human rights violations and to call for change. The Webby Awards have taken notice. Help us all win a Webby!

Human Rights Video Weekly: Colombia, Egypt, and Syria

This week we bring you video from five continents on issues ranging from police brutality to refugee issues and economic rights.

Video Documents Aftermath of Drone Strike Which Hit Wedding Party in Yemen

A Geneva-based human rights organization filmed interviews with villagers about a U.S. drone that hit a rural wedding procession in December 2013, killing at least 12 and injuring the bride.

Citizen Video Captures Targeted Violence Against Mozabite Algerians

A new playlist on the Human Rights Channel captures targeted violence against Mozabite Algerians, a Berber minority group living in central Algeria.

The Death of a Bahraini Prisoner

The recent death of a Bahraini detainee puts spotlight on authorities’ inhumane treatment of prisoners.

In Kiev, Abuse of Power Against Protesters, Medics, and Journalists

While videos recent violence were the most dramatic we’ve seen from the Euromaidan protests, they are only the latest to document clashes in Kiev. In late January, several videos emerged exposing excess use of force by authorities.

Human Rights Video Weekly: A Plea for Food Aid in Syria, Violent Protests in Ukraine and Thailand

Videos from the ground lend urgency to the Syrian peace talks. Leaked footage from Ukraine reveals abuse of detained activists, and protests turn violent in Thailand and Cambodia.

Sahrawi Fish Deal Protests Brutally Beaten Down

Despite Moroccan authorities’ attempts to silence political protests by Western Saharan activists, their videos give voice to widespread anger regarding a recent trade deal.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Reports from Sudan, Syria and China

This week we highlight citizen video documenting bombings in civilian areas in Sudan, accounts of torture in Syria’s prisons, and a deadly factory fire in China that killed 16 people.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Citizens Documenting in Cambodia, Vietnam and Palestine

This week, our eyes are on civil movements in Southeast Asia and citizen video from Palestine prompting demand for an investigation.

2013 in Human Rights Citizen Video

In 2013, the Human Rights Channel curated nearly 2300 videos from 100 countries. Collectively, they reveal not only *what* citizen journalists filmed this year, but *how* that video was seen and used.

Human Rights Channel Weekly Update: Protests in Ukraine and Thailand

This week protests in the Ukraine and Thailand threaten the stability of those two governments, while the next government of Honduras is up in the air following last month’s contested elections. Drone footage, protest videos, and international observers bring us images of those and other human rights stories.

Corporal Abuse of Migrant Workers in Saudi Arabia

Rarely does documentation surface of the prevalent and tacitly acknowledged abuse migrant workers experience in Saudi Arabia, making this video circulating the internet particularly significant.