Human Rights Video Weekly: Cambodia, Colombia, Kenya and Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of Cambodian migrants flee Thailand, victims of Columbia’s ongoing conflict share their stories and Kenyan activists are jailed for speaking out.

Stopping Bulldozers: Fighting Forced Evictions with Video

From citizen journalists in India to audiovisual artists in Colombia, people are using WITNESS resources to strengthen their grassroots work in the fight against forced evictions and to empower more to get involved.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Kenya and Sri Lanka

This week, in addition to videos documenting crack downs on the World Cup protests, we bring you footage from local media reports on violence in Kenya and Sri Lanka. Finally, we bring you an update on the rising tensions between Israel and Palestine instigated by a massive search for three missing seminary students.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Vietnam, Syria, and Kenya

This week we bring you videos documenting the forced evictions of farmers in Vietnam, an update on a barrel bomb attack in Syria, and documentation of the continued roundup of Somali and other immigrants in Kenya.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Police Operations in Brazil, Detention of Refugees in Kenya, Protests in Western Sahara

This week we bring you the first in a series of dispatches from Brazil, as well as footage from Kenya and Western Sahara, and the latest from the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Sudan, South Sudan, South Africa, Kenya and Algeria

A UN representative captures the aftermath of an atrocity in South Sudan, South African school children suggest ways to use taxpayer funds, video prompts an investigation in Algeria, and more.

Kenyan Authorities Target Somali Refugees in Terror Sweep

Following recent terrorist attacks, Kenyan police have rounded up thousands of Somali refugees.

Activists in Kenya Integrate Video Advocacy to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Reflections from a recent session WITNESS helped organize in Kenya that focused on how video advocacy tools can be used to mobilize action around GBV awareness and advocacy.

Street Art, Video and Social Change: Kenya Street Artist WiseTwo Visits WITNESS

WiseTwo is a Kenyan street artist based in Nairobi. WiseTwo recently stopped by WITNESS with fellow street artist Joel Artista to discuss the intersection of social action, street art and video advocacy.

Street Art, Video and Social Change: Joel Bergner Visits WITNESS

Joel Bergner is a nomadic street artist, educator and advocate for social action. He recently stopped by WITNESS to discuss street art and video advocacy as tools for social change.

Progress for Kenya through the Lens of a Camera

Having kept peace throughout the 2013 presidential elections, Kenyans look forward. Bukeni Waruzi explains the current situation, and how incorporating video can help to resolve remaining tensions.

All Eyes on Kenya–and Cameras, too.

As polling stations close their doors today after huge voter turnout in, everyone is wondering: will this election remain peaceful, or will it follow in the path of the turbulent 2007 election? Kenyan citizen journalists, trained by WITNESS, weigh in.

Can Cell Phones Save Kenya’s Elections?

Across the country, pockets of Kenyans are determined to use video to protect their democracy during the March 4th elections. Bukeni Waruzi just returned from training these activists and citizen journalists, and here’s what he taught.

Video Advocacy Example: Yale E360’s Video Makes a Powerful Statement on Water-Based Conflicts in East Africa

For most, the words “climate change” and “forced migration” are likely to conjure images of tsunami evacuations and FEMA trailers. These images have saturated the mass media and, as a result, remain fixed in our moral psyche.