Video Exposes Police Abuse in Venezuela (Or is it Mexico? Or Colombia?)

One video’s journey across Latin American protest movements underscores the challenge of monitoring activism online.

Documentary Films I’d Bet On To Get An Oscar Nomination

Based on social buzz, colleagues’ input, reviews, watching the shortlist films, and media/PR coverage below are my picks to get an Oscar nod (views are my own, not WITNESS’).

It’s That Time of Year for Predictions

As the social media manager at the nonprofit, WITNESS, here are my comments on some of the social media predictions for 2014.

L6g49CARAAhP660rO9DCn4W3L: Email and Chat Encryption Basics for Activists

Activists everywhere face the violations of their right to privacy especially in their online communications. We share basics of encryption that may help keep you, your networks and your communications safer.

Syria Untold: Refocusing on the Civil Society Movement Inside Syria

This new project aims to frame information on Syria within its historical, political and social context, and to focus on Syrian civil society’s ongoing actions to keep its calls for reform alive.

Being Social on Social Media

Two interns with WITNESS’ social media team learned not only how to effectively share information with our followers, but how to create a strategy for engagement.

Marshaling Social Media to Tell Stories of Death Row Innocence

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not anymore, says One for Ten producer Laura Shacham. She’s hitting the social media superhighway to bring hundreds of voices to the stories of death row exonerees.

Kony 2012: Juggling Advocacy, Audience and Agency When Using #Video4Change

“Kony 2012″ is now the most rapidly disseminated human rights video ever. In six days it reached an aggregate 100 million views – faster than other pop culture phenomena like Susan Boyle (9 days), Rebecca Black (45 days) and ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ (445 days).

A Few Reasons Activsts Shouldn’t be Banned from the Internet

Last month on Human Rights Day (December 10th) I wrote an opinion piece for the HuffingtonPost about the increasingly important role technology companies and platforms are playing in the human rights landscape.

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