Reporting on Sexual Assault and Gender-Based Violence: #16 Days Round-Up

In this round-up we share noteworthy videos, articles and resources that were published during this year’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign.

Images of Horror: Whose Roles and What Responsibilities?

Recent examples of graphic images circulating online point to critical questions for commercial social media platforms, news outlets and citizens.

#Instagood Tips for Nonprofits Part 2

#Instagood Tips for Nonprofits part 2 reviews using video and explains why hosting a ‘takeover’ can diversify your nonprofit’s storytelling.

What We’re Reading: July 25 Edition

Every week we publish a list of our favorite articles on human rights, video, and advocacy. This week features the promotion of LGBT rights in India, the use of social media to uncover the mystery behind the downed Malaysia Flight MH17 and much more.

#AIDS2014 Live Twitter Recap

This week will be following our Senior Program Manager Bukeni Waruzi via our #AIDS2014 Live Twitter Recap blog post. Stay tuned for live updates.

#Instagood Tips for Nonprofits

#Instagood tips for nonprofits will help you start and manage an instagram account to be part of your organization’s online storytelling goals.

Hunger Games Meme + Call for Social Justice = Empowerment?

Thai protesters use the “Hunger Games” three finger gesture to show their silent opposition to the recent military coup. Can this tactic help your campaign?

Building Bridges Between Activists and the Tech and Media Communities

WITNESS Executive Director, Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm and Program Director, Sam Gregory speak on media, technology and social change at Internet Week New York 2014.

Recommended Summer Reading List for Social Media Managers

In order to stay relevant social media managers need to continually research and educate themselves about communication technologies, the design of tools/graphics, why people share, visual communication, storytelling and more.

Insights on the Use of Memes for Social Justice Campaigns

A guest post by The Civic Beat’s Ben Valentine about social change memes in global contexts.

An Interview with Yemeni Blogger and Women’s Rights Advocate Noon Arabia

An interview covering how she got started as a blogger, the issues that are most important to her, and a new crop Yemeni women bloggers.

How Video For Change is Being Used in the Middle East and North Africa

Reflections from WITNESS’ Raja Althaibani on the use of media for social change in the Middle East and North Africa following an UnConference at the University of Birmingham, England.

Anatomy of a Google Hangout On Air

A list of tools, tips, and roles on host a successful Google Hangout On Air from a WITNESS digital producer.

Video Exposes Police Abuse in Venezuela (Or is it Mexico? Or Colombia?)

One video’s journey across Latin American protest movements underscores the challenge of monitoring activism online.