Human Rights Video Weekly: Chemical Attack in Syria, Algerian Elections, Saudi Online Activists Arrested

Venezuelan developers respond to verification issues with a camera app while Syria suffers another chemical weapon attack. Next week’s elections cause Algerian media suppression, and Saudi online activists threatened with arrest.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Remembering Father Frans, Ukraine Clashes, Ethnic Violence in Myanmar

Dutch priest Father Frans is murdered in Homs, Syria on Monday, dynamics change in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, and ethnic violence escalates in Myanmar, affecting international aid workers.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Colombia, Egypt, and Syria

This week we bring you video from five continents on issues ranging from police brutality to refugee issues and economic rights.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Food aid reaches Syria, Forced evictions in Myanmar

As Syrian peace talks gets underway this week, footage from Syrian media activists and aid organizations assisting the evacuation of residents from Homs and the Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus document the challenges and progress of efforts to reach communities under siege.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Spotlight on the Sochi Olympics

This week we’re focused on Russia, where the Olympics have drawn attention to issues of forced evictions, homophobic violence, and other human rights struggles throughout the country.

Human Rights Video Weekly: A Plea for Food Aid in Syria, Violent Protests in Ukraine and Thailand

Videos from the ground lend urgency to the Syrian peace talks. Leaked footage from Ukraine reveals abuse of detained activists, and protests turn violent in Thailand and Cambodia.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Reports from Sudan, Syria and China

This week we highlight citizen video documenting bombings in civilian areas in Sudan, accounts of torture in Syria’s prisons, and a deadly factory fire in China that killed 16 people.

Voices from Syrian Prisons

A new initiative turns the experiences, fears, and dreams of Syrian prisoners into audio and video clips narrated in first person and uploaded to be shared with the world.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Citizens Documenting in Cambodia, Vietnam and Palestine

This week, our eyes are on civil movements in Southeast Asia and citizen video from Palestine prompting demand for an investigation.

Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study from Aleppo – Part 3, Geo-Locating a Video

In the final part of three-part series, we discuss how to use tools like Google Maps to corroborate location in videos through geo-location mapping, verifying critical facts of time and place.

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