WITNESS Tech Digest: Video From Your Phone, Live and Direct

We look at a myriad of new live streaming apps for your smart phone and address their potential uses for human rights advocacy and documentation.

Yemeni Blogger Reflects on Experience at Video for Change Workshop

Rooj Alwazir, a participant at WITNESS’ recent video for change convening in Istanbul, shares experiences from the gathering of 20 filmmakers, educators and human rights defenders.

Can Video Help End Police Brutality?

Does more video actually lead to justice for victims of police brutality? Will the presence of more cameras lead to less police brutality in the future?

10 Years of Pentagram Designs for WITNESS’ Focus for Change Benefits

We go behind the scenes with Pentagram’s Harry Pearce in this interview about 10 years of designs for WITNESS’ Focus for Change benefits.

Students Combat Sexual Assault Using Video

As 76 higher education institutions come under investigation for mishandling sexual assault cases, students at the University of Kansas are using video to share survivors’ stories and express their demands.

Video Advocacy Example: Waking in Oak Creek

Waking in Oak Creek profiles the powerful community and law enforcement response to the 2012 hate crime shooting at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin. The film is part of the Not in Our Town Campaign which aims to end hate crimes and build safe and inclusive communities for all.

Virtual Dinner Guest Project Connects Gaza and Native American Communities Using Video Technology

Lindsie Bear sheds light on her experience connecting a group of Native American participants with a group from Gaza to discuss daily life and the issues faced in each community as part of The Virtual Dinner Guest Project.

Ensuring That More Videos Mean More Rights

WITNESS Executive Director Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm reflects on current events and the importance of video as a tool to document human rights abuses and advocate for justice.

WITNESS Resources for Filming Protests and Police Conduct in Ferguson, MO

As protests continue, citizen media is flowing out of Ferguson, Missouri. These WITNESS resources can help citizen witnesses film more safely, ethically and effectively.

Media Roundup on Protests, Police Brutality and Brazil’s World Cup

Following the close of the World Cup, we pull together a list of select English-language news coverage on protests, police brutality and video in Brazil published during the tournament.

What We’re Reading: July 19 Edition

The future of cinema, passwords and digital security, the implementation of police cameras in law enforcement agencies across the nation and much more.

World Cup Final Four Not the End for Human Rights Defenders

As the World Cup comes to a close, a new campaign highlights the courageous and critical work of Human Rights Defenders from the nations represented at the tournament.

Despite Challenges, 37 Western Saharan Activists Attend WITNESS Training

Sudanese activist and WITNESS trainee Nahla Mohaker reflects on her experience training Western Saharan activists at FiSahara 2014.

How Video For Change is Being Used in the Middle East and North Africa

Reflections from WITNESS’ Raja Althaibani on the use of media for social change in the Middle East and North Africa following an UnConference at the University of Birmingham, England.

Nouvelle série video sur les violences sexuelles et sexistes disponible en français

Notre série de vidéos en six parties avec sous-titres disponible en français vient d’être mise en ligne en accompagnement du guide écrit intitulé “Mener des entretiens sûrs, efficaces et éthiques de survivants de violence à caractère sexuelle et sexiste.”