The Video-For-Change Africa Network is Born!

WITNESS is pleased to announce the formation of the Video for Change Africa Network, a network for video activists to share their knowledge, materials and challenges with others working for social change in Africa.

Citizen Video Captures Targeted Violence Against Mozabite Algerians

A new playlist on the Human Rights Channel captures targeted violence against Mozabite Algerians, a Berber minority group living in central Algeria.

20 Powerful Moments in Human Rights Video

Every year on December 10th, human rights organizations mark International Human Rights Day. To highlight our 20th anniversary and Human Rights Day, we’re sharing 20 significant human rights video moments. Compiled by the entire WITNESS team and presented in chronological order, the list reflects instances where video (or film) made a difference: as evidence in a court or tribunal, galvanized mass mobilization or outrage, marked a turning point, a new use of technology for human rights, and more.

Execution Footage Found in Libya Offers Glimpse of Gaddafi’s Abuses; Could Be Used for Justice

Children cheering from the sidelines, thousands pour into the sports stadium as excitement fills the air. A student sits at the center of the court as throngs of people and chants shake the arena. This is not you’re average sports event, the crowd not your average sports fans and the man sitting in the center is not their most valuable player; instead this is one of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi’s infamous public executions.

#Video4Change Weekly Digest: August 26, 2011

The weekly digest has been on an unintentional hiatus… I have been helping out on some exciting projects here including our forthcoming Video Advocacy Online Toolkit and planning some outreach for our soon-to-be published report on current challenges and opportunities for human rights video.

Video Advocacy Training for Youth Activists in Egypt

After the recent revolution, the country now finds itself in a transitional period that is accompanied by a new set of challenges. The transitional government, led by military leadership, is still struggling to set up a concrete plan for real democracy, human rights and the well-being of all citizens. With the elections scheduled for later this year, Egyptians believe that they have a long journey ahead.

The Cause of Progress: The Power of Film and the Crippling Force of Corruption in Cambodia

Lizzy Tomei is a master’s student at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She is currently interning with our Forced Evictions campaign.

Forced Evictions Training in Rio: Social Activism as Samba

Whether it was talking social movement strategy and video action plans or singing samba underneath the stars, an overwhelming energy of solidarity and brotherly and sisterly love pulsed through WITNESS’ video advocacy training in Rio.

Weekly Video-For-Change Digest: July 22, 2011

We’re launching a couple of new series this week on the blog. (If you missed the first in our Video Advocacy Example series, you can read it here.)

YouTube and WITNESS Honor International Women’s Day

Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day- the centenary celebration in fact. In honor of this day WITNESS joined YouTube to curate four videos to spotlight on their homepage until noon ET.

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