Ambika Samarthya-Howard
  • Open Conversations & Collaborations in Franschhoek “We need to be able to show breasts.” This was only one of many learning moments at this year’s WITNESS retreat: the importance of Facebook support groups for the trans-community, specifically around sex reassignment surgery  and for those navigating the challenges of transforming their body and identity. “For much of the queer community, this is […] March 27, 2019
  • Help Us Secure Justice for Land Rights Activist Samir Flores Soberanes By Laura Salas On February 20th, Samir Flores Soberanes, popular communicator and activist, was murdered outside his house in Amilcingo, a community located at Morelos state in the eastern center of Mexico. His murder took place the day after he publicly announced, once again, his opposition to the Morelos Integral Project (PIM in Spanish) at […] March 11, 2019