• DIY video and human rights I’ve just arrived back in New York after three thought-provoking days at the 24/7, DIY Video Summit, a great event put together by Mimi Ito and a team of organizers and curators at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at USC. The panels and discussions streamed live in Second Life and were webcast, and they should […] Sam Gregory February 13, 2008
  • Fair use in UGC / Legal threats database The Citizen Media Law Project has come out with two excellent resources in the last week, both of which are going to be tools for the Hub: 1. “A report entitled “Fair Use Principles for User Generated Video Content” that sets out six guidelines designed to minimize the collateral damage that copyright enforcement efforts may […] Sameer Padania November 7, 2007
  • The State of Human Rights Tagged Videos I was thinking, maybe a good way to see what might happen w/ the Video Hub is to check out what’s going on on existing sites, like YouTube and Google Video. Doing a quick search on human rights, came up with the following links. Salvor at YouTube Salvor blogs about sex worker exploitation in Spain. […] WITNESS August 7, 2006
  • Video Hub Pilot So we had our Town Hall meeting where we invited several experts from the human rights, film-making and technology world to join us in a one day workshop at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at ITP and help us figure out our issues. The main topics of discussions included content (reviewing and moderation), community building and […] WITNESS June 21, 2006