• Human Rights Archives: Report from SAA, Part 1 Last week, I attended the annual conference of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) in Washington, DC. There were a number of sessions relevant to human rights archives and archivists this year, most notably the inaugural meeting of the new Human Rights Archives Roundtable, and the panel it organized with the Latin American and Caribbean Cultural Heritage Archives Roundtable, entitled "Silence No More! Archives Threatened by Political Instability." Yvonne Ng August 19, 2010
  • SAA Human Rights Roundtable approved Word comes from Valerie Love, U Conn’s Curator of Human Rights Collections, that the petition to create a Human Rights Roundtable of the Society of American Archivists has been approved; Valerie made the case here last October. A huge thanks to Valerie and T-Kay Sangwand of U Texas for making this happen; they are eager […] WITNESS February 12, 2010
  • October is American Archives Month… 10 things to read/do/think about: 1. Read Archives and Justice: A South African Perspective by Verne Harris. 2. Check out this upcoming NY Archivists Roundtable workshop: Digital Asset Management and Institutional Repositories: Case Studies Addressing the Development and Implementation of Systems. November 10, 2008. One of the presenters is David Rice, Channel 13’s Digital Archivist. […] WITNESS October 8, 2008
  • SAA2008: A few final notes Back from SF, to the office, first day of school, general fall craziness. I want to post just a couple of other notes re SAA before I move on to other topics. The session “Returning Displaced Archives: Legal and Ethical Perspectives” moderated by Trudy Peterson. The panelists, to whom scenarios (hypothetical and actual) were put […] WITNESS September 4, 2008
  • SAA2008: Random notes I did the Internet Archive “tour” Weds morning – nothing to tour really, as befits a digital archive; a colleague said, “they have a building?” – but presentations and Q&A in the Presidio office about the Books program, NASA Images project, and Archive-it, a subscription service allowing customized website crawling/archiving for organizations. A few things […] WITNESS August 30, 2008
  • SAA2008: Meaning, Justice and John Dean I started the day with “What, Why, How? Archival Meaning in a R/Evolutionary Age” which featured three excellent papers exploring meaning, purpose and collective identity for archivists. I especially liked Scott Cline’s paper which explored what he called “archival being” the core values of which are faith, radical self-understanding, intention, and integrity; and illustrated via […] WITNESS August 29, 2008
  • SAA2008 I will be in San Francisco all of next week for the Society of American Archivists annual meeting. Of particular note: Global Issues Forum on “Archival Ethics and Social Justice: What is our Professional Responsibility?” Consisting of panelists and open discussion, the forum will begin by considering the “Key Propositions and Questions,” presented in the […] WITNESS August 22, 2008