On #Rwanda20YRS Anniversary, Genocide Survivors Tell Their Own Stories

Originally published on the WITNESS Hub blog in 2009 this interview with Voices of Rwanda founder Taylor Krauss speaks to the power of personal testimony and the importance of memory and archives.

WITNESS Stands With Youth Fighting Legal Battle for Climate Justice

WITNESS joined other organizations and advocates in filing an amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to support young people suing the federal government for not acting to reverse climate change.

Is This For Real? How InformaCam Improves Verification of Mobile Media Files

There is currently a deluge of media coming from the world’s mobile devices for potential use as evidence or trusted sources for journalists. WITNESS and the Guardian Project are working to provide a mechanism, InformaCam, to verify and authenticate this footage.

Tips for Activists Using the YouTube Face Blur Tool

Recently, YouTube launched a feature that allows blurring on videos uploaded to their site. It’s a step we’ve pushed for from the commercial video-sharing platforms and social networks – as a way to enable easy, faster, more accessible options for preserving and enabling visual anonymity in a networked, visual age.

Never Again: WITNESS Speaks at White House Anti-Atrocities Panel

This morning, President Obama announced that he’s founding a top-level “Atrocities Prevention Board”—and the first action of the board will be to listen to a panel of experts on human rights violations, where Sam Gregory will be representing WITNESS.

Introducing InformaCam, The Next Release of the SecureSmartCam Project

Recently my colleague at The Guardian Project, Harlo Holmes wrote about the InformCam, the latest release from the joint collaboration between The Guardian Project and WITNESS, the SecureSmartCamera (SSC). This is an important development in the project as it incorporates all of the key themes in the WITNESS Leadership Initiative.

The Mozilla Festival and the Importance of a Free and Open Internet

Last month, WITNESS was invited to participate in the Mozilla Festival held at Ravensbourne University in London. The festival brought together some of the Mozilla community’s best developers and put them in the same room as some of its most innovative online content creators to collaborate hands on to create new features and build actual working demos. The cry of “Less Yack, More Hack!” served as reminder to keep things concrete and tangible and not to veer off into the theoretical as so often happens at conferences.

ObscuraCam v1: A Mobile App for Visual Privacy

Last week we, along with our our friends and colleagues at the Guardian Project, released the first public beta app from the SecureSmartCam project. ObscuraCam, an Android camera phone application is the result of a 7 month long collaboration between WITNESS and The Guardian Project.

The Secure Smart Camera App for Human Rights Video

Earlier this year we announced our “Cameras Everywhere” initiative which hopes to address some of the changes happening around human rights video online and on mobile phones. The tools for creating and distributing video are becoming more wide spread and more accessible.

How (Not) to Change the World: Lessons from PopTech 2010

“Sustainability and transparency are buzzwords” that no longer have any meaning. That’s what Ned Breslin, CEO of Water for People said from the stage of the this year’s Poptech conference.

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