Reporting on Sexual Assault: 16 Tips for #16Days

In light of the disheartening media coverage around sexual assault this year, WITNESS is dedicating this 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence to helping activists and journalists report on sexual violence more safely and ethically.

Will the Syrian Hero Boy Make Us Question Everything We See? (and why don’t we do that already?)

A video described as showing Syrian kids attacked by snipers was revealed to be the work of filmmakers and actors in Malta. It’s only the latest example of online video shared with misleading context.

Video as Evidence: Adding Detailed Information to Your Video

Adding information about who, what, when, where to your video makes it easier to verify the content, therefore giving it a better chance to secure justice for human rights abuse.

The Art of the Self-Portrait: Andy Lin Discusses Expression and Dignity

Photographer Andy Lin shares his thoughts on the self-portrait as a means of expression and a tool for self-empowerment.

Secure Tools for Activists: When to Make Designs and When to Make Demands

What tech tools should human rights defenders use when balancing efficacy and safety – open source secure tools or insecure mainstream platforms? Morgan Hargrave unpacks the pros and cons of each and discusses the WITNESS strategy.

Can Video Help End Police Brutality?

Does more video actually lead to justice for victims of police brutality? Will the presence of more cameras lead to less police brutality in the future?

The Ties That Bind Us In the Fight to Expose Human Rights Abuse

In her monthly message, WITNESS’ executive director looks back on human rights stories from October and reflects on how our work resonates as more and more of us fight to expose human rights abuses.

Uso del video para la defensa del territorio en México

En agosto un grupo de medios libres se reunieron en Amilcingo, Mexico para intercambiar herramientas de comunicación y información sobre video para el cambio social para la defensa de la tierra, territorio y recursos naturales.

This Week on the Human Rights Channel: Burkina Faso, France, and Iraq

Citizen video documents the unfolding events in Burkina Faso. Protesters in France respond to the death of an environmental activist, and eyewitness footage captures a massacre in Iraq.

Using Mobile Apps and Film to Prevent Gender-Based Violence

Nancy Schwartzman talks to WITNESS about her film work and development of tech tools, including mobile apps, to end sexual violence.

Music Monday – Crimes Against Journalists Edition

This Music Monday – Crimes Against Journalists Edition is a song list about journalism that ranges from a day in the life of journalists to questioning their bravery to the love/hate relationship with their sources.

Rallies in Iran Against Acid Attacks on Women

Online footage offers a rare peek into Iranian civil society and anger over gender-based violence, sparked by recent acid attacks on women in the northern city of Isfahan.

Video as Evidence: Filming The Aftermath of a Human Rights Incident

Film the aftermath of a human rights incident can be vitally important to investigations. This is the second installment in the “Video as Evidence” blog series from WITNESS.