Pentagram Partners with Street Artists to Create a WITNESS Mural in London

A street art mural in London featuring WITNESS partners is an inspiring reminder that in our global, connected world, we are all “witnesses.”

WITNESS Archiving Guide Receives Award from Society of American Archivists

The Activists’ Guide to Archiving Video wins the Preservation Publication Award from the Society of American Archivists.

Building Bridges Between Activists and the Tech and Media Communities

WITNESS Executive Director, Yvette Alberdingk-Thijm and Program Director, Sam Gregory speak on media, technology and social change at Internet Week New York 2014.

Music Monday – “May the Force Be With You” Edition

This week’s playlist goes out to all the Jedis around the world or as we call them around the office, human rights defenders or activists.

Our Music Monday Playlist – Cinco De Mayo Edition

With Peter Gabriel as our co-founder, it only makes sense for us to jump into the fora of #MusicMonday and contribute our own series of music playlists.

Behind-the-Scenes of WITNESS’ New Intro Video

A glimpse into how we produced our new video, featuring five activists, with the help of some of the film industry’s creative leaders.

16 Highlights from the #16Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign

A list of 16 actions and stories we came across during this year’s campaign to end gender-based violence. We invite you to share projects, videos, and more to this list.

L6g49CARAAhP660rO9DCn4W3L: Email and Chat Encryption Basics for Activists

Activists everywhere face the violations of their right to privacy especially in their online communications. We share basics of encryption that may help keep you, your networks and your communications safer.

You’re Invited to Get TOGETHER on Sept. 28 to Explore Co-presence For Good

Join Sam Gregory of WITNESS at this co-presence for good camp in Palo Alto, Sat. September 28th.

Gay activist

Co-presence: A New Way to Bring People Together for Human Rights Activism

How can we use the sense of being together with other people in a remote environment to drive concrete, productive actions and engagement for human rights change?

Send WITNESS to SXSW: Cast Your Vote Today

We’ve highlighted five panel proposals for your consideration for this year’s SXSW conference. Just register online to vote for your choice.

Happy Father’s Day: How to Be a Human Rights Tech Dad

We asked some tech-savvy dads we know to share with us some websites, applications, and tools that they’ve found useful in day-to-day life but that can also be used in a human rights context.

Whose Media Is It?: How Police Requests for Unreleased Footage Blur the Line Between News and Evidence

A near 6-month battle between British news broadcasters and the police has recently concluded: last December’s court decision that ordered television companies including BBC, ITN, and Sky News to surrender to police hours of unaired footage from the violent October 19th Dale Farm eviction, was thrown out. Journalists are now hailing the decision as a landmark victory in the fight for news neutrality and confidentiality.