The 2014 Human Rights Citizen Video – Year in Review

Police brutality, forced evictions, political protests and migrant abuse. A look back at 2014’s human rights struggles through citizen footage. What videos did we watch, and what impact did they have?

Data and Storytelling: Crisis Mapping For Human Rights Solutions

WITNESS’ Alexandra Zaretsky learns that maps are not merely a way to freeze objects, people, and places at a specific moment in time. Rather, in the hands of this visionary community working on maps to enable social good, they can be so much more.

Video as Evidence: Adding Detailed Information to Your Video

Adding information about who, what, when, where to your video makes it easier to verify the content, therefore giving it a better chance to secure justice for human rights abuse.

Video as Evidence: Filming The Aftermath of a Human Rights Incident

Film the aftermath of a human rights incident can be vitally important to investigations. This is the second installment in the “Video as Evidence” blog series from WITNESS.

Music Monday – Marathon for Human Rights Edition

The Music Monday – Marathon for Human Rights Edition are song picks from the WITNESS marathon team of runners and why they ran for human rights.

What We’re Reading: July 19 Edition

The future of cinema, passwords and digital security, the implementation of police cameras in law enforcement agencies across the nation and much more.

Video Advocacy Training for HIV/AIDS Activists and Sex Workers at #AIDS2014

WITNESS will train activists serving those living with with HIV/AIDS, sex workers and sexual violence survivors how to conduct safe and effective video interviews for advocacy at the international AIDS conference.

Music Monday – LGBT Pride Edition

Happy LGBT Pride! This week’s Music Monday playlist combines some new, some old, and well known artists to help bring ‘pride’ to your work day music listening.

What We’re Reading: 25th Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Crackdown

June 4th marks the 25th anniversary of one of the most discussed events of recent Chinese history: the massacre at Tiananmen Square in Beijing of pro-democracy protesters.

Peace for Whom? Life Inside Rio’s Occupied Maré Favela

The Maré favela complex is home to 130,000 people and an army pacification force who are there to protect the residents according to the Brazilian government. But unease and reports of abuse abound.

3 More Days to Support These Knight News Challenge Applications

The Knight Foundation’s Knight News Challenge is currently underway. We share a shortlist from among the 667 projects seeking to strengthen the Internet for free expression and innovation.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Remembering Father Frans, Ukraine Clashes, Ethnic Violence in Myanmar

Dutch priest Father Frans is murdered in Homs, Syria on Monday, dynamics change in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, and ethnic violence escalates in Myanmar, affecting international aid workers.

On #Rwanda20YRS Anniversary, Genocide Survivors Tell Their Own Stories

Originally published on the WITNESS Hub blog in 2009 this interview with Voices of Rwanda founder Taylor Krauss speaks to the power of personal testimony and the importance of memory and archives.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico

From the Papua New Guinean police force, to the heart of Mexico’s cartel territory, to the occupied favelas of Rio de Janeiro, we share recent citizen videos from these locations and more.