Public Space and Video Projections: A Conversation with The Illuminator Art Collective

The Illuminator Art Collective shares how video projection can be used as part of protests and civic movements as well as practical tips and lessons-learned on how to set up and a run video projection set-up.

New Laws Threaten To Restrict Filming of Police Actions Worldwide

Social upheaval is surging through the world–protests against economic protests rock Europe, protests against politics boil in the Middle East. Governments are responding with new laws to suppress citizens’ right to film police. Will they succeed?

How To Film Protests: Video Tip Series for Activists at Occupy Wall Street, in Syria and Beyond

The thousands of human rights-related videos being created and shared – from raw documentation of human rights violations in Syria to the Occupy protests and the range of police abuse and misconduct therein – illuminate the role that citizen video is playing to not only inform us but also to motivate us to take action.

Occupy Wall Street Livestream Curator Shares Experience and Tips

At a desk densely populated by monitors in downtown Manhattan, I met Josh: Occupier, trendsetter, livestream aficionado. Josh was laid off on September 16th, the day before Occupiers arrived at Zuccotti Park.

7 Tips to Ensure Your Video Is Usable in the Long Term

n the past year, we have witnessed an unprecedented amount of media created by activists, citizen journalists, oral historians, and others who are documenting contemporary protest movements worldwide. As the volume of material continues to grow, questions about how to find, identify, verify, organize, and maintain this media for use as evidence and as historical documentation have become more pressing than ever.

Occupy Wall Street: A Day of Global (Video) Action, Nov. 17, 2011

If you are like many WITNESS staff, you are tuned into the events of today’s global actions in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Despite the recent events in New York City, Oakland, CA, and other cities where “permanent” encampments were cleared away, protesters around the U.S. and the world are back in city centers protesting today.

Top 10 Tips for Filming #Occupy Protests, Arrests & Police Conduct

We have seen some great videos coming out from the Occupy movement around the country – from documenting mass actions to capturing police misconduct and abuse. Many courageous filmmakers, first timers and experienced professionals, are using best practices to record what is happening, and it is paying off. See this most recent example of video being used to help hold a Dallas officer accountable for shoving a protester off a ledge:

Cameras, Livestreaming and Activism at Occupy Wall Street

Walking through the city of tents at Liberty Plaza, home of Occupy Wall Street, it is immediately striking how many cameras there are floating about. Pointing this out, filmmaker and member of the media working group, who goes by the name of Fix, jokes with me that it sometimes feels like Liberty Plaza is an “occupied surveillance machine.”