If you are like many WITNESS staff, you are tuned into the events of today’s global actions in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Despite the recent events in New York City, Oakland, CA, and other cities where “permanent” encampments were cleared away, protesters around the U.S. and the world are back in city centers protesting today.

One of the most amazing aspects of this year’s protests and revolutions across the globe has been the ubiquitous use of video to document events. Today, as in weeks past, the Occupy Wall Street movement and some of its supporters are livestreaming events.

Here is the livestream from GlobalRevolution who are streaming events from various cities. The streams are narrated by independent journalists who are doing the filming for the streams:

Uploaded by WITNESS on flickr
Uploaded by WITNESS on flickr


This livestream has been accessed over 250,000 times today alone.

There are also liveblogging efforts on The Huffington Post and Alternet and on filmmaker Michael Moore’s website, as well as others. You can also visit the OccupyTogether website for information about all local protests across the globe.

For those of you at any of the Occupy protests or  know people who are, please take a moment to read and share our Top 10 Tips for Filming and Sharing Footage from Protests which was compiled by my colleague Chris Michael.  Your documentation is valuable but so is your life and health, please be safe! 

Update: You can also download the Top 10 Tips from our website.

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