Stopping Bulldozers: Fighting Forced Evictions with Video

From citizen journalists in India to audiovisual artists in Colombia, people are using WITNESS resources to strengthen their grassroots work in the fight against forced evictions and to empower more to get involved.

Mapping Our Materials: The Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit Goes Global

Highlights from Brazil, Burma, Colombia, Egypt, Philippines and Scotland on how the Forced Evictions Advocacy Toolkit is being used by activists, artists and communities. Part one of a two-part series.

WITNESS and Amnesty International Release a New Toolkit for Housing & Land Rights Activists

With 15 million people at risk of forced evictions annually around the world, we have released a multimedia resource kit for activists, social movements and communities fighting evictions.

An Open Source Approach to Translation

The fact that 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute is astonishing. And the immense amounts of footage shot and uploaded by citizens in places like Syria, Egypt and Chile reminds us that video is increasingly being used to expose human rights abuses. As more activists turn towards video for advocacy and evidentiary purposes, there is a critical need for accessible training resources that teach how to create and share videos safely, effectively and ethically.

Video for Change Best Practices: Documenting Injuries and Casualties for Evidence

If you are filming in a situation where injuries and casualties are a part of the human rights violations you are documenting, the following tips are meant to help you record the information necessary for the use of your footage at a later date, perhaps for evidence.

Our Video For Change Curriculum Now Available Online

Today, we are very excited to announce that we are making our comprehensive training curriculum available online for free download for the very first time.

Training Series: WITNESS is Creating a Video Advocacy Planning Toolkit and We Want Your Input

If you’re new to WITNESS, we’re a 28 person organization that works internationally to train, equip and support human rights advocates to strategically use video. We empower people to transform personal stories of abuse into powerful tools for justice, promoting public engagement and policy change.