By Marisa Wong

Today, we are very excited to announce that we are making our comprehensive training curriculum available online for free download for the very first time. Whether you are an activist documenting human rights abuses in your community, a grassroots organization raising awareness on the national level, or a video advocacy trainer interested in conducting your own trainings, you can now download, remix, share, and give feedback on WITNESS’ extensive curriculum – take a first look below.

Through 20 years of activist trainings, collaboration with key players in over 80 countries, and development of innovative technologies, our curriculum is the result of a comprehensive approach to training.

It is also our latest initiative to share training resources with activists and trainers whom we cannot support through in-person trainings and workshops.  In September we released our Video Advocacy Planning Toolkit – an interactive tool which guides users step-by-step through our training methodology via useful videos, case studies, and exercises.  We will soon be reaching a more diverse audience by making the Toolkit and curriculum available in additional languages.

How Does it Work?

The Curriculum is split into 7 modules, each containing downloadable Slideshare presentations, worksheets, and materials for training participants and facilitators. You can select the materials you need to tailor trainings to your specific advocacy issue.

Here is a sampling of the many sessions available to download:

Module 1, Session 1: Setting Ground Rules & Feedback Sessions
Module 2, Session 4: Audience Assessment
Module 3, Session 5: Interview Workshop
Module 4, Session 4: Essentials of Video Budgeting
Module 5, Session 1: Introduction to Storytelling
Module 6, Session 1: Refining a Distribution Strategy
Module 7, Session 2: Introduction to Filming Safely and Securely and Using Informed Consent

A Closer Look

Now, take a look at Module 7: Introduction to Filming Safely and Securely and Using Informed Consent



In Module 7, easy-to-follow notes guide facilitators through conducting a risk assessment, developing consent questions, and protecting anonymity.  Participants can follow along with the provided participant notes and Slideshare presentations, while completing worksheets along the way.  

We want your feedback!
We hope that you find the Curriculum, Toolkit, and Tools & Tactics Newsletter helpful in your human rights video work, and we want to know what you think.  Post your comments below, or Email me to learn how you can give feedback on any of our training resources.


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