Activists Documenting Gender-Based Violence in South Africa Face Challenges

A WITNESS training shares approaches to ethical filming of survivors of gender-based violence and discusses challenges faced by activists in South Africa.

Sahrawi Human Rights Activists Receiving WITNESS Training at FiSahara Film Festival

WITNESS and other organizations will provide training to activists ahead of the Western Sahara International Film Festival (FiSahara), which takes place April 29-May 4 in the Sahrawi refugee camps in a remote corner of Southwestern Algeria, deep in the Sahara Desert.

Activists Gather in Cape Town, South Africa for First Video-for-Change Convening in Sub-Saharan Africa

Activists from 13 different Sub-Saharan African countries are meeting today in Cape Town, South Africa to learn from one another during the first Video-for-Change Convening in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Progress for Kenya through the Lens of a Camera

Having kept peace throughout the 2013 presidential elections, Kenyans look forward. Bukeni Waruzi explains the current situation, and how incorporating video can help to resolve remaining tensions.

All Eyes on Kenya–and Cameras, too.

As polling stations close their doors today after huge voter turnout in, everyone is wondering: will this election remain peaceful, or will it follow in the path of the turbulent 2007 election? Kenyan citizen journalists, trained by WITNESS, weigh in.

The Journey from ‘My Voice’ to ‘Our Voices’

I went to South Africa to teach filmmaking to youth, but what I really wanted was to foster critical consciousness—the ability to question authority and turn a lens on society, literally and figuratively. I soon realized that these youth were more than willing to question—and they started with me.

Can Cell Phones Save Kenya’s Elections?

Across the country, pockets of Kenyans are determined to use video to protect their democracy during the March 4th elections. Bukeni Waruzi just returned from training these activists and citizen journalists, and here’s what he taught.

Key for a Key: Unlocking a Video Advocacy Training in Brazil

What’s it like to be in a WITNESS video training? This post brings you inside the classroom in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where two dozen activists are working to save their communities from forced evictions.

Take the Social Tech Census: A New Tool to Map the Best Digital Resources for Advocates

From the Arab Spring to Occupy, the events of 2011 highlighted the potential of new technologies for advocacy. But new tools are more likely to facilitate social impact if they’re used by people with the right training and support.

New Video for Change Best Practices Series

Since the start of the Arab Spring, we’ve witnessed a dramatic shift in how activists are using video to impact change in their communities.

Video Advocacy Example: New Voices in Sex Workers’ Rights Activism

As advances in technology democratize the media field, its makers are becoming more and more diverse, presenting a prime opportunity for traditional advocates to become facilitators and traditional “victims” to become actors in advocacy scenarios.