The Growing Role of Image Verification in Venezuela’s Protests

A new mobile app addresses the challenge of verifying citizen footage. Plus, a politician brings citizen video of abuse to the Organization of American States.

Human Rights Video Weekly: Brazil, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico

From the Papua New Guinean police force, to the heart of Mexico’s cartel territory, to the occupied favelas of Rio de Janeiro, we share recent citizen videos from these locations and more.

Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study from Aleppo – Part 3, Geo-Locating a Video

In the final part of three-part series, we discuss how to use tools like Google Maps to corroborate location in videos through geo-location mapping, verifying critical facts of time and place.

Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study from Aleppo – Part 2, Creating a Panoramic Image

In part two of our three-part series, we cover how to create a panoramic image from video stills to reveal signifiers unique to the site and event depicted in the video.

Verifying Citizen Video: A Case Study of Destruction from Aleppo

The first in a three-part series investigates how to identify a citizen video for verification. The case study uses a citizen video example taken in Aleppo, Syria.

16 Highlights from the #16Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign

A list of 16 actions and stories we came across during this year’s campaign to end gender-based violence. We invite you to share projects, videos, and more to this list.

Why Time is Running Out For Your Videotapes

How can individuals and organizations with limited resources deal with preserving all the videos recorded on tapes years ago?

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Documentation of Bombing Campaign in Nuba Mountains of Sudan

This week we feature videos from the disputed territory of Western Sahara, the home of a political activist in Cuba, the fields of rural France, and the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.

The Human Rights Video Weekly: Cambodia To See Another Wave of Mass Protests

This week we’re watching for major protests in Cambodia, creative protests in Saudi Arabia, and documentation of human rights violations in the Western Sahara and Brazil.

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