Ok, these are the guys that are screening our video version of the TRC report around Sierra Leone. For those of you interested in seeing the video, go to the home page at www.witness.org for an excerpt. You can also order it at the store section of our website.


Paul James-Allen from the National Forum for Human Rights



Gibril Massie Bah ("Massie") from the Center for Democracy and Human Rights



Charlie Hughes from the Forum for Democratic Initiatives

One thought on “Our partners in Sierra Leone

  1. sweet, it's great to have such constant updates. In response to the idea of having a site that Angelina Jolie can post on, I think that that would be fantastic. Just like she has brought so much attention to Witness and all the other organizations she has been affiliated and involved with, she can do the same with any new organizations or interests.
    you guys are inspiring, thanks for the uplift. cheers

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