OK, so today was about preparing to meet the President of Sierra Leone and some key members of his Cabinet. This morning we met for two and a half hours to discuss it. This afternoon the meeting almost got canceled because the Chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is overseas — he was supposed to be back over the weekend but seems not to have returned. As a matter of protocol, the President wouldnt meet a group of civil society actors (read NGOs) on the subject of the TRC without a TRC commissioner president. We have finally identified a stand-in for the Bishop who will be Commissioner Linda Marcus-Jones.  Here is a shot of our meeting this morning over breakfast to talk strategy… I hope for the sake of this country that we get the ball rolling tomorrow.  The press coverage so far in the print has been pretty extensive and the wires are picking it up which helps reinforce our argument that we can be allies in using the microphone to bring donors to the table — once the process of addressing the problems is clearly underway….

Frustratingly, the connection is too slow to upload any of the high res images by the pros and I have other things on my mind….Sorry!

2 thoughts on “Preparing to meet the Pres

  1. Hello G! I've been checking your progress. It's very cool to be along for the ride. I've read the posts, checked out the photos and watched the video. I love all the background available so I understand the context of your journey. It's quite a mission and I'm sure fraught with challenges. Your doing a great job and I appreciate the look behind the scenes… this blog is an additional tool in the arsenal. Keep doing what you do!
    All the best to you and your team!
    A, Venice, California

  2. I watched the video available in Witness, about Sierra Leone…and…it was impressive, striking…
    witness and Angelina's "doing" it's all about making a difference, a good change…
    good work over there; and do have the patience:) to post some (even low res.) photos for us, along with the text.
    gab, Portugal

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