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Gavin returned from Ghana with thousands of copies of the TRC report on Sunday and it has surely already been delivered to the President! I am strategizing next steps, since as I mentioned the White Paper was not what we were hoping for and Angie and I wont go to Washington DC or back to Sierra Leone until we get some more momentum from the President of Sierra Leone and the government to implement reform.  We are drafting a letter to him now.

In the meantime, we just struck up a collaboration with the producers of BLING!, a new documentary about the role of diamonds in fueling the conflict in Sierra Leone and featuring Kanye West and other well known musicians from the world of hip hop reflecting on diamonds….More on that soon.


2 thoughts on “The TRC report is in Sierra Leone!

  1. My Name is Alpha and am working for an Organization called iEARN Sierra leone an am working on a project called 'Free Your Mind'(F,Y,M)So i will need more information which will help me to know how to go about it and i also want you to be part of it.because these project is helping the street kids,war affected people and child x combatant see how we can best put these people together in one enviroment if you are interested i will send you all information about the project.

  2. It's great to hear about future projects. I just read the UN Report on the Diamond Conflict. Kayne West is a very powerful lyricist and songwriter. With Kayne attached to it, this documentary will certainly be a provoking look into the issue.
    I look forward to learning more.
    Cheers to legitimate government, businesses, trade practices, and, of course, free enterprise in Sierra Leone!

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