Last night we went to a screening of “Blogumentary“, by Chuck Olsen. Shot between the years of 2002 to 2004, it provides a great overview of the blogosphere, its impact on society and the colorful people who inhibit this world.

A few things that I really stayed with me as I walked home were the words “We are the media” which were emblazoned into my brained (helped by the large red letters and unconventional font use). We are taking back the power. I think this raises an issue that keeps coming up over and over again in these gatherings. If ‘we’ are the media…who is ‘we’ The blogosphere seem to be dominated by a particular segment of society. Yes we are hearing more voices, but whose voice is it that we are really hearing? If you look at the list of people interviewed for the film, you will get a sense of what I mean…or simply try walking into a gathering of these ‘bloggers’ and look around.

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