I was thinking, maybe a good way to see what might happen w/ the Video Hub is to check out what’s going on on existing sites, like YouTube and Google Video. Doing a quick search on human rights, came up with the following links.
Salvor at YouTube Salvor blogs about sex worker exploitation in Spain.
Video 1
Video 2
alekhwa has video about torture and poverty Bahrain.
Video blog by Andy Carvin about Egyptian blogger Alaa Ahmed Seif Al-Islam. (It’s interesting to note that although Andy is well known as a video blogger and human rights advocate, this particular video has only been viewed 40 times on YouTube. I assume most people interested in Alaa watched the video on Andy’s own site.)
Video Hub: Already Here?
Here’s a link to “Darfur Destroyed” on buzznet.com which shows the sort of thing that will hopefully be happening on the Video Hub.

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