David Pogue wrote a blog entry this week entitled Asking the Crowd to Spread the News in which he muses about all the useful and more pro-active things that Web 2.0 applications could be used for beyond just entertainment (YouTube) and buying ‘collectors items’ (eBay), etc. Its further endorsement that the time is now for the Hub and other projects like it:

A Web 2.0 site doesn’t really take off until the public anoints a de facto “main” one in a category, at which it becomes self-fulfilling. For example, there are other auction sites, but most people still go to eBay; there are other video sites, but YouTube is the big kahuna. And how that anointing happens is a mysterious thing, having to do with buzz, timing and software design.
But the bottom line is that Web 2.0 is still in its infancy. There are so many other ways that we could save time, money, hassle — if only we had the right information from other people like us.
Get started, entrepreneurs. You’re living in an exciting time.

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