Becky says:

It’s Sunday already. I wish I could say time flew, but it kinda creeped along, real southern style. The festival comes to an end this evening with Widespread Panic closing out the weekend. It’s been a great learning experience for us, and we’re still digesting all the pros of being here. 

Regina Specktor played a great set yesterday to a packed crowd.  She’s expressed interest in doing something special with WITNESS later this year, so keep a lookout for that. Img_0814
Damien Rice  also played a beautiful mellow set. It was nice to touch base with him and his crew. We saw him about 3 weeks ago in NYC when he screened our PSA on stage at Radio City Music Hall and had us speak about the work we do from stage before his concert.  I tried to see The Police, but from where I was standing, Sting looked about as big as an ant, and the 90,000 other people around me had me feeling slightly claustrophobic. I  finished the night with a truly inspiring set of music in the jazz tent by bay area drummer Scott Amendola, featuring  local Brooklynite Jenny Scheinman on violin and  the guitarist  Nels Cline from the band WILCO. Scott has been a WITNESS supporter for years and dedicated his song "The Believer" to WITNESS last night, and encouraged people to check out our tent in Planet Roo. Thanks Scott!

It’s been a full few days here in Manchester, Tennessee. Thanks for checking in on us! We’ve had a lot of fun talking to all of the characters here at Bonnaroo and we’ve been moved by the significant interest in WITNESS’ work, and the "Hub" in particular.

A big thanks to Nick Algee, Jill Franklin, Chris Crowell, Adam, Poli and all other Bonnaroo staff that made his happen for WITNESS.

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