The whole WITNESS team has arrived and preparations are steadily underway for tomorrow’s events. Tickets are still being purchased, seating arrangements are being made, and everyone is convening in Mexico City.

Tomorrow’s day will begin with a press conference where Gael Garcia Bernal y Diego Luna along with WITNESS’ Tamaryn Nelson and Gillian Caldwell, our partners at La Comision Mexicana , Neyra’s mother Paty Cervantes y Neyra’s cousin Miguel David Meza (among others) will be speaking. We hope people will come away from the days events having learned a bit more about the situation in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, about the use of film to promote change, and feeling empowered to take action.

Miguel David Meza flew in this afternoon and Tamaryn and I met with him. Miguel David was freed from prison last summer after nearly 3 years of wrongful incarceration. Tam has worked tirelessly on the Dual Injustice campaign, so to see him here in person was really moving.  They talked about the day he was freed from prison last summer. Tam and I happened to be together that day in Los Angeles with Miguel David’s aunt. It was an emotional day – and I felt so lucky to be able to hear him recount it from his end. His case is still open, and the judge’s verdict never recognized the torture he underwent at the hands of the local police. On top of all that suffering, Neyra’s case is still unsolved and his own torture case has never been investigated. Just a reminder as to why the work we are all doing together is so important.

We are grateful that Gael y Diego are enabling this platform for WITNESS and our work with La Comision in Mexico.

That’s the news for now, but I’ll be sure to post again soon.


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