Hi All,

Tamaryn and I are busy preparing for our trip to Mexico City tomorrow (Wednesday August 8th). As you can see from the picture, the work is piling up!

The actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna along with their production company CANANA and their film festival Ambulante are throwing a benefit dinner and concert for WITNESS and our partner in Mexico, La Comision Mexicana de Defensa y Promocion de los Derechos Humanos on Saturday. One of the goals of the evening is to raise awareness surrounding our campaign related to the murders of approximately 400 women in Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua, Mexico since 1993.

Under fire for their inability to resolve these crimes, the police have tortured people to confess to the murders. Our video Dual Injustice tells the story of Neyra Azucena Cervantes, who disappeared in Chihuahua, Mexico and her cousin, David Meza, who was tortured to confess to her murder. Even though there was no evidence linking him to Neyra’s murder, David was in jail for nearly 3 years.  The video was a part of an international campaign for his acquittal, which successfully led to his release in June 2006.

So that’s just a snapshot, but there’s much more to come in the next few days.

Hasta muy pronto,


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