Monks marching in the streets, students staging sit-in protests, midnight raids by the military, monasteries sealed off, towns and cities sealed off…this is Tibet. The most violent protests in nearly 20 years continue after last Monday’s pro-independence rallies commemorating the 49th anniversary of the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet. The Chinese government reports 16 people dead while the Tibetan Government in Exile, reports at least 80 deaths.

Watch videos of the protests here

International concern is growing as a result of house-to-house raids, imposed curfews, numerous arrests, and increased media repression.

The Chinese government has reportedly placed restrictions on international media coverage in Tibet, blocking or filtering websites like Yahoo! and YouTube and censoring the local feeds of news agencies including the BBC and CNN. However, first-hand accounts, photos, and videos (mostly from cellphones) are making their way out — and onto the Hub. We are collecting these videos on the Hub and linking the latest resources and urgent actions you can take here.

We’re working to feature the latest video, audio and photos coming out of Tibet and linking news updates, resources and urgent actions that concerned citizens can take — but we need your help!

Bloggers and vloggers, help us keep Tibet in the spotlight!

Post about Tibet and embed Tibet-related media from the Hub
2) Upload – if you have or see Tibet-related video, photos or audio that are not on the Hub, upload or embed it now, or email us at
3) Spread the Word – help us with our call for cellphone video and images from Tibet. Please help us by spreading the word and urging folks to email with their interviews, updates, video and photos. We’ll get them online — and ensure they stay online.

More coming soon…

2 thoughts on “Calling All Bloggers: Keep Tibet in the Spotlight

  1. The BBC runs a sly and disgraceful campaign to create the impression that Tibet always was part of China and that the protesters somehow are the villains.
    They might think it is just too subtle to be noticed, but in fact it is just not worthy of a so called “free press”.
    They incessantly repeat the CCP line that “China says Tibet always was part of China”.
    No mention of the International Juror’s finding of illegal occupation of Tibet or the simple fact that Tibet was an independent nation before the Han Chinese Communists invaded the country.
    No mention of the obvious fact that Tibet was exclusively populated by a distinct race, with a unique culture, language and its own independent government.

    Nor do they offer an account of all the heinous atrocities they’ve committed and continue to perpetrate against the Tibetan people.
    By all accounts the Han Chinese Communists are the most racist, barbaric regime in all of human history, and their crimes continue in the 21st century no less!

    No, we’re not talking of ancient history, but the 21st century and the year they’re allowed to hold the Olympics; awarded in the spirit of freedom, cooperation, friendship and harmony!!!

    But the so called “free press” is just too willing to kowtow to this barbaric cabal in Beijing and is careful not to offend this regime controlling the most populous nation on the planet, after all there is so much trade to be had with 1.3 billion people, and we wouldn’t want to offend the masters controlling this trade.

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