Things are off to a good start in the world of WITNESS. We were on the radio in Tuscon, Arizona. And in Bonnaroo land. 92.9 The Mountain’s morning talk show host invited us on this morning to talk about the work we’re doing around the world. Apart from thanking Bonnaroo for enabling WITNESS to have a presence in Planet Roo (the non-profit area) we talked about WITNESS’ mission – to use video to
defend human rights.

We’ve also been meeting lots of interesting people. We spent some time speaking with an Iraq War veteran who just returned from his second and final tour of Iraq. It was interesting to hear his perspective on the war, now that he’s completed his duty. Things have got to change. That was his bottom line and the abridged blog version.

On a lighter note, one of the best things he learned in Iraq was how to take a 60 second shower. Too bad he was on the shower line behind us, not in front of us. And yes, we do have to wait in line to shower.

The beauty of Broo. So many people. So much music. So many perspectives. So many lines. So many lines. So many lines.


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