Well, last night’s Kanye West performance turned into an early morning set. After a long delay, the sun started coming up and by the time we walked back to camp it was full daylight. Still it was worth it to have seen both a Tennessee sunrise and sunset.

The tent has been busy as festival goers try to get to all the activities they’ve missed in the last few days. Our box of signed postcards is almost full and we have lots of sheets full of names of people who want to be updated about WITNESS. Even the some of the Bonnaroo media staff was really into our mission and stopped by the tent.

3 hours left before we pack up and I’m exhausted but inspired and totally excited about the work we’ve done here at Bonnaroo and across the organization. I’m a bit sad that this is the end of the festival but so very excited to sleep in a bed and take a long shower!

– Christine


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