Day 2
Bukeni Waruzi, program coordinator for Africa and the Middle East for WITNESS, reflects on Thomas Lubanga’s defense team argument on Day 2 of the trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC). Bukeni also highlights that tomorrow is the first day when witnesses will participate in the trial.



Read and watch my review of Day 1 of the trial here.

3 thoughts on “Thomas Lubanga Trial at the ICC 2009 – Day 2

  1. Not a very controversial deociisn, given that the Lubanga court’s ruling relates to the conduct of parties to the proceedings and not a third party (the spokeswoman is a member of the prosecution team). As for third parties, there have been quite a few journalists convicted for revealing confidential information, but that was for violating court orders.I do not see how the court would have jurisdiction over a third party unrelated to the proceedings, absent violation of an actual court order or a specific provision of law criminalizing speech during the trial (as they have in England and Wales). Even with a treaty provision criminalizing such speech, it seems it would be impossible to enforce such a law in every country around the world. But I wonder (and I am not judging), has a long arm statute (or a framework directive?) criminalizing certain speech already had an effect on the content of this blog? Maybe actual enforcement isn’t necessary.

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