By Ricky Cortez

I’m the IT coordinator here and will occasionally blog about issues relating to tech inside a non-profit organization that uses technology all the time.  I am also going to be sharing thoughts about human rights issues that are of personal import.  As a potential adoptive parent in a same sex relationship I will also focus on LGBT and family rights.  In my first post in what I hope will be a series, I want to share some links and ways to take action around what I consider an alarming trend in Africa and in particular Uganda, with respect to LGBT rights.

My first focus: Uganda

In a country struggling with post conflict recovery is Uganda’s anti-gay bill creating permanent isolation?

To Learn More:

What You Can Do:

  1. Sign this petition and tell your friends
  2. Fight for human rights at Care 2 Make a Difference
  3. Show your support – Join the Cause on Facebook

Ricky Cortez is the IT Coordinator at WITNESS

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