I’m all about personalized videos – from supporting advocacy efforts to personalized birthday videos.  So, I was grinning from ear to ear when I saw this incredibly innovative video tool from Green Party UK.  Designed to support the May 2010 elections, this innovative video tool goes beyond the others I’ve seen before.  In three quick steps, one can send a personalized video to their friends and family that are quite tailored – from ‘single parent’ to ‘student’.  Watch the video to get a taste:

Step 1: Get Started

Green Party UK

They do a great job inviting you to watch a video and to create your own. Clear and concise.

Step 2:  Select Your Audience and Personalize the Video

Green Party UK Step 2

This is where the innovation comes in.  They encourage you to add the name of the intended viewer then select what type of viewer are they and which two issues they most care about.  The language is simple and direct – ‘finding a decent job’, for example.

Step 3: Send Your Video

Your personalized video selection gets processed in a few seconds and then you’re ready to preview and send via email and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Fantastically quick, simple and creative.  (And, they also encourage users and recipients of the video to use their ‘Policy Matchmaker‘ tool.)

What I’d Like to Know

I’m very curious how the tool was used and by whom.  Primary questions include: How many users created videos, how many were sent, what is the percentage of videos watched, what were the primary ‘types’ of recipients and which issues were selected the most, for example.  I haven’t found a synopsis of this tool by the Green Party or developers, but I’m hoping it will come out (and will ask).

And what about here in the United States?

You might remember this video that was circulated during the 2008 U.S. Presidential election that MoveOn provided.  You could add a friend’s name to the video and it would make the McCain victory their fault because they failed to get to the polls.  Brilliant.  I’m looking forward to seeing how personalized videos will be harnessed for this year’s election cycle!

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