In this round-up we’re featuring more items to watch than read- a few examples of videos being used for change, satellite imagery being harnessed to identify tribal lands belonging to American Indians, some disturbing news from the International Criminal Court about the Thomas Lubanga trial, a link to video from our allies at Breakthrough and an article on gender justice.

From Twitter:

On the blogs:

And a special spotlight on a video that we learned about from the organization Not In Our Town (NIOT), regarding the peaceful reaction of citizens in Oakland protesting the verdict in the trial of BART transit officer Johannes Mehserle who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the January 1, 2009 death of Oscar Grant, an unarmed young African American man. (Our colleague Chris Michael blogged about this incident last year on the Hub blog.)

NIOT writes:

As feared, that night (July 8, 2010) saw rioting, looting, and destruction in the streets of downtown Oakland. And that’s where the local media trained their cameras.

What they didn’t report on was the crowd of nearly 1,000 people who gathered near City Hall to voice their dissatisfaction with the verdict peacefully and constructively. They didn’t show the faces and voices of Oakland’s young people, who love this city and want to make it better. They didn’t report on Oscar Grant’s grandfather, who urged the crowd to honor his grandson’s memory by refraining from violence.  Not In Our Town did:

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