As part of our ongoing celebration of the International Women’s Day Centenary and Women’s History Month, throughout March we will look back at WITNESS’ past work with grassroots partners on women’s rights by spotlighting five videos from our Web Store. By purchasing these videos – at 20% off for the month of March – you will support our current work, such as our new campaign with the Women’s Initiatives for Gender Justice and their local partners on gender-based violence in armed conflict and post-conflict situations. Simply use the code “march8” at check-out to obtain the 20% discount.

Still from If Hope Were Enough

In 2000, WITNESS partnered with Women’s Initiatives’ precursor, the Women’s Caucus for Gender Justice, to produce If Hope Were Enough, a video that shows the importance of investigating and prosecuting crimes directed specifically against women such as rape, sexual abuse, denial of civil rights, and domestic violence.  Not only does the video document the suffering of female victims and survivors, it also captures a momentous coming together of women to change the structure and substance of the International Criminal Court so that it can be a mechanism for gender inclusive justice at the international level.

Still from Rise:Revolutionary Women Reenvisioning Afghanistan

In 2002, WITNESS partnered with the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) on a campaign calling for gender equality, democracy, and freedom in the country. RAWA and WITNESS produced a video called Rise: Revolutionary Women Re-envisioning Afghanistan, which uses hidden camera footage and interviews with refugees, and victims and witnesses of violence to document the lives of Afghanis both under the Taliban and during the post-9/11 military campaign.

Remember: When ordering these featured DVDs, please use the coupon code “march8” at check-out to obtain the 20% discount.

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