Today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day- the centenary celebration in fact. In honor of this day WITNESS joined YouTube to curate four videos to spotlight on their homepage until noon ET.

Two WITNESS videos are featured:

And two videos from close WITNESS allies are featured as well. One is from Breakthrough and their Bell Bajao (Ring the Bell) campaign to put an end to domestic violence. Breakthrough writes about the award-winning campaign:

One out of every three women faces violence behind closed doors, so whether it’s ringing a door bell to stop a crime, or speaking out, make sure you’re doing your part to ensure women in your communities are living free of violence.

The last is “The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking,” which is a movement of “girl champions” around the globe. The video uses animation, statistics and haunting music to convey the message that access to health care and education and the ability to earn a livelihood can drastically change the lives of girls living in poverty:

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch these videos and share them with colleagues, friends and family. And perhaps take a moment to thank the women (and men) you know for all they do to improve women’s lives and our world.

As always, we’d love to hear from you. Share links to videos about women’s rights below in the comments section and if you’re sharing them on Twitter please use the tag #video4change so we’re sure to see them.

4 thoughts on “YouTube and WITNESS Honor International Women’s Day

  1. Although we've come a long way recently, even here in the US, women's reproductive rights, economic justice, safety and political representation seem to be under threat . That is why the Ms. Foundation for Women supports social justice trailblazers across the nation who are working towards a world where power and possibility are not be limited by gender, race, class or any other factor.

    Take a look at some of these women's stories:

  2. We're a group called Voces de Cambio (Voices of Change), the only after-school girls program in Guatemala that uses writing and photography to empower young women, and help them develop as strong voices for change in their communities. We'd love to post a link featuring our video work, but sadly we don't have a video program yet. We're working on it though, and are trying to raise the money to hold a series of video workshops with program graduates, out of which will come a curriculum to help future participants.

    Find our appeal here on Kickstarter:

    Hopefully next year we'll be able to post some of the girls' hard work here!!

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