Screenshot of AiCandle app in action (image from iTunes App Store)

Our colleagues at Amnesty International have just announced a new iPhone app called AiCandle which allows people to take action on human rights campaigns directly from their mobile device.

We’re excited to hear about this app, especially because the press release below mentions that further multimedia capabilities will be added over the next few months. WITNESS is working with the Guardian Project and other cellphone developers to create the Secure Smart Camera app (for the Android platform) that would provide capability such as automated face blurring intended to protect the identity of people in sensitive situations, such as protests in repressive regimes. My colleague Bryan Nunez writes about the app in this blog post.


Below is the full press release from Amnesty. The app is downloadable for free from iTunes.

Amnesty International Press release
13 April 2011

Amnesty International today unveiled the latest tool to take action for human rights, the AiCandle. The iPhone application is the fastest way for people to join in campaigns to end human rights abuses.

The AiCandle enables people to access at their finger tips breaking news on human rights and to support Amnesty International’s latest campaigns– from prisoners of conscience to ending poverty.

“The AiCandle is part of our suite of digital tools that empower people to take immediate action for human rights,” said Owen Pringle, Director of Digital Communications at Amnesty International.

“The solidarity of our 3 million supporters across the world continues to make a positive difference to the lives of so many individuals. The AiCandle offers another way in which people can express that solidarity.”

Supporters are able to share news and actions with others via Facebook and email through the AiCandle. The application will continue to evolve over the coming months with further multimedia elements added.

The AiCandle 2.0 is now available to download free for iPhone or iPod Touch at the iTunes App Store. The first version of AiCandle has been running as a live beta since 2010.

Thanks to my colleague Pricsila Néri for the heads up on this app.

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